Shannon Rose

Shannon Rose

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First Name * Shannon
Last Name * Rose
Username * Sacrinoxia
Country * United Kingdom
City Gainsborough
Nationality British English
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Digital Painting
Preferred Tools Photoshop


Availability: Freelance


I have been drawing ever since the age of about 7. Starting out drawing animals, unicorns, dragons and Digimon, then when I was a teenager I began drawing manga style girls, and developing my own characters.

In 2011 I started digitally painting for the first time and have always drawn and painted digitally since. I can paint in a Japanese manga style simply using the pen tool to colour, and I can also paint detailed works of fantasy art involving a lot of blending and shading.

Music and fantasy games are usually what give me the most inspiration. I also have an array of original characters that I like to draw frequently and plan to incorporate into a large project in the future when my skills are improved.

5 Wall Street
DN21 1HZ


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